September Trip to Montesson

38 of us made the trip to Montesson. The journey was a far cry from 2008 when the Tunnel was closed after a fire. We had a very smooth and efficient journey there and back. Leaving at 7.30am on the Friday was much more civilised and we had an extra hour in Montesson on the Sunday but still managed to get back to the Cattle Market just after 11pm. We had lovely weather the whole weekend and visited St Denis Basilique and the Stade de France on the outskirts of Paris. We were fortunate to have two families of four with us this year and I could almost say the children were better behaved than the adults but the adults weren’t badly behaved either!

St Denis  The Basilica St Denis and the Stade de France  

There were 12 new members on the coach and everybody got on so well together that we decided to have a reunion. After our monthly committee meeting at the Town Hall, we had a party for all those who went to Montesson in September. There was a very good turnout and it was a great opportunity for new friends and old friends to get together.

Reunion  Enjoying wine bought in Montesson at the reunion