Preparations are already underway for the weekend, which we can confirm will be from the 10th -12th May.

If you haven't hosted before, please do give it serious consideration.

Some of you may fear that hosting requires lots of cooking,  entertaining, expense and a big house. I would like to reassure you to the contrary. The French are very happy to "muck in" as it were. Children are used to having to share a bed with siblings and/or sharing a room with their parents. They don't need their own en suite facilities and there is a full programme, so there isn't much time for you to have to entertain and moreover, half of the meals are communal and provided.

There are usually a few people who come alone, so even if you only have room for one, that will be a great help. If your French is a bit rusty or non-existent, most of our friends speak English and it's amazing how much you can communicate with just a few actions and pointing. One of the greatest friendships of twinning was between 2 widowed men, neither of whom spoke the other's language!

You will need to provide supper on the Friday evening, bed and breakfast for 2 nights and lunch/ brunch before departure at around 2pm on the Sunday.  There will be a full day excursion on the Saturday as usual and, subject to space on the bus, you are welcome to join your guests for the day.  Most people don't!  Last year the Saturday evening meal and barn dance at Towersey Manor was an unprecedented success and we are already working with the owner, Marie-Jane Barnet, regarding this year's event. Her generosity and kindness towards us last year was amazing  and we are incredibly lucky to have her support. At the time of writing, the manor and catering have been booked. More details will follow once everything is confirmed, but all hosts will obviously be invited free of charge.

If you think that you might like to host one of our visitors, please get in touch with Sue Motteram who will be able to explain what is involved & add you to her hosting list.