Hello everyone!

I shall write this while I’m still on a high from the fantastic weekend that we’ve just spent in the company of our dear friends from Montesson. We may have had a hectic and stressful few weeks in the run-up, but seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much and to have so many people say “thank you” was very gratifying and I can honestly say that it was worth it! I may, however, need reminding of this next Spring!!

Indeed, we are now already thinking of next year and fundraising events are being planned so as to enable us to host an equally successful and enjoyable weekend. Please support us as much as you can. Tell friends and family about us and bring them along to our events. We need the people of Thame to know that we exist and to join us. If you are able to advertise the Twinning Association in any way, please do so.


Weekend in Thame
This was a huge success and I would like to thank again those of you who hosted the 30 Montessonnais who visited us. Without you, none of this is possible!


We had a very informative guided tour of Oxford in French on Saturday morning and despite having lived in Oxford for a year and Thame for 32 years, I   discovered parts that I never knew existed!  















A dodgy weather forecast forced us to revise the plans for our picnic lunch and what a bonus that proved to be! A last minute phone call by Linda to Oxford Town Hall meant that we could use a room inside the Town Hall. None of us could quite believe our eyes as I opened the door and we found ourselves in the actual court room. An amazing setting for a picnic – the French were mightily impressed, as was I, I might add! We won’t forget that for a long time. 




Despite many of the colleges being closed for graduation ceremonies, everyone found something to do in the afternoon and the rain held off until we were back on the coach. I was fortunate enough to find one of the colleges that was open and can thoroughly recommend the grounds and chapel of Worcester college. What’s more, entry is free of charge!    











The day was about to get even better! At 7pm we all gathered in the barn at Towersey Manor for our communal meal and Barn Dance. This was everything we’d hoped for and better! The barn looked the part with twinkling fairy lights and candles the band played traditional music and the meal was delicious and plentiful. We even had a surprise visit from Harry and Meghan! Amazing!!










After the meal and a couple of short speeches, we pushed the tables to the side and the evening was about to get even better. Nearly everyone took part in the dancing which went on until past 11pm. The band and their caller were superb, the atmosphere was so friendly and convivial and everyone really, really enjoyed themselves, sharing much laughter and friendship . A fantastic evening! A big thank you to everyone who took part and to those who helped tidy up, but especially to Linda and most of all to Marie-Jane who let us use the barn and provided the band. Without her generosity none of this would have been possible and we are truly grateful.


Band in the barnPeople dancing in the barnAnne, Linda & Sue at the barn dance




Sunday was a much more relaxed affair with guests and hosts relaxing or recovering from their very busy Saturday.


I think that most people preferred having the communal meal on Saturday, although getting everyone on the bus to leave on time was still difficult, especially as the bus driver wouldn’t bring the bus to the usual spot behind the town hall! Not everything can be perfect!! The main thing is that everyone had a wonderful weekend and I quote from an email received from Anne (chair of the Montesson Committee) as they approached Montesson:


Everybody - unanimous- spent an amazing weekend, rich of joy, friendship, discoveries and much fun !


Every moment was just perfectly organised and the dance evening was a real highlight ! In the coach we all shared our souvenirs of barn dancing. That was just fantastic !!! The dinner was excellent and the atmosphere so great 😀


We’re looking very much forward to coming next year again !


On the shuttle back home we shared pieces of Norma’s wonderful and delicious EU cake ! Very symbolic !!!


Many thanks again for all the work to welcome us soooo well !




I think that just about sums it up!





 A few of you have already replied to say that you will join us in the parade. WE NEED MORE OF YOU! This is an opportunity for us to increase awareness of the Twinning Association and to make people want to join. We’re still working on our “float” ( not motorised!) but need people to walk with us .Bring your family! Ideally you will find something vaguely related to France and/or the Countryside.to wear, but anything goes – berets, straw hats, onions, garlic, baguettes, cheese, wine, grapes, lavender, flowers etc etc. We’re more interested in having you there than fancy dress!


More details about time and place will follow, but the parade usually starts at around 12.30.


After the parade, we will be raising funds on our stand on the Southern Rd field. This was a major fundraiser for us last year, so please help if you can.Decorated biscuits

We’ll be having a Treasure Trail, a tombola and a children’s biscuit decorating activity. I’ve already had one offer of help – it would be really helpful to have 4 or 5 people supervising this potentially messy activity! 


Please let me know if you can help in any way..


We hope to see you there. Bring your children, grandchildren, friends and acquaintances.





 The aim is to keep the official business side of this as brief as possible, giving more time for a more informal general discussion. We’re looking for your ideas on how we can increase the membership and get more people involved. We would like this to be more of a social event, so please do come!


We are, as always, in desperate need of new committee members – please give it serious consideration.. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7.30pm at Racquets Squash club. Contact Linda for more information or to tell her you’d like to join us.



FRIDAY 14th – SUNDAY 16th SEPTEMBER (date still to be confirmed)


Annual visit to Montesson.


 This is only 4 months away, so we need to get an idea of numbers now. Please let Linda know so that she knows whether we need a coach or a minibus. We aim to keep the cost per head under £120.


tel 07805229556





This is another major fundraising event for us.


Sue Boyle is booked and anyone who’s ever been to one of her quizzes will know how good they are.


If we have 100 people we can raise in excess of £500, so please spread the word. I’ll be producing a publicity poster nearer the time, but meanwhile get your team, or better still teamS, together.