2016 AGM Minutes

Minutes of Thame & District Twinning Association Annual General Meeting

Friday 24th June 2016

8pm at The Gallery, Christchurch, High Street, Thame



Committee members: Linda Emery, David Laver, Robert Trueman, Sue Motteram

Members: Phyllis Brown, Dudley Wilson, Sally and Owen Davies , Helena Fickling, Roy Motteram. Dianne Ansell, Lesley Miller, Norma Laver, Bridget Trueman, Susan Kogan

Apologies: Caroline Baynes, Liz Barker, Julie Fitzsimons, Stéphanie Prévost, Vic Watson, James Green, Sarah Sanderson



Minutes of the AGM held on 11th June 2015   - Approved

Proposed by Roy Motteram.   Seconded by Robert Trueman


Chair’s Report – see separate document


Treasurer’s report – see separate document.

However the bottom line is that we have £541 in the bank – approx £160 more than at this time last year. This is mostly due to the fact that the May visit to London involved no entrance fees.



Election of Officers and their Roles & Responsibilities – see seperate document.
Liz Barker and Julie Fitzsimons have resigned from the committee. Their input and hard work has been very much appreciated and they will be missed.

David Laver will be membership secretary in addition to his existing rôles (which are many!)

Sarah Sanderson has joined the committee as secretary

Bridget Trueman will take on the rôle of Accommodation coordinator

Liz Barker will continue to run the film nights

Jeannette Matelot-Green has kindly agreed to continue to look after our website



Fundraising 2016/17

A general discussion ensued as to how we can raise funds during the coming year

Suggestions invited for next year's May visit – any visit must incur no entry fee! It was agreed that the French enjoy going to London. We could take them to a different museum (eg the British museum) but allow free time and choice as this year.


Other suggestions:

Bridget – cream tea for Queen's 90th. £5 a head should yield some profit – she'll make scones etc. Could host a small event in her garden – anyone with a bigger garden?

Owen – charities fair in November – worth a go even though we aren't an official charity. Sell items bought in France in September / bottle stall / tombola.

Stall at food fair. Repeat what we did last year

Lesley suggested applying to Haddenham beer festival for a grant – Roy has emailed a link to Linda

Bridget – ask Sainsburys for donations eg: cream / jam for cream tea

Helena – should also approach Coop / Waitrose

David booked community bookstall in August. Anyone got anything to sell. Bridget can donate costume jewelry from her mother

Dudley – pop-up shop / car boot sale? Tetsworth or Wheatley?

David - Another quiz with rotary?

Email Linda if you can help with anything / supply goods

Need to post / phone details of any events to Phyllis and Lesley as they don't have email



September Visit 2016  

16th-18th September. Linda is unable to attend due to a family commitment.

Linda will ask her deputy Mayor Nicola Dixon to go in her place to represent Thame Town. 
Don to confirm he is able to go as Deputy chair? 
Linda said that she would pay for Nicola to go. Owen  asked whether Nicola could use the mayor's fund to pay for her place?  - At the moment there is no arrangement in place.

At least 20 people needed to make a coach viable.

Need to find out as quickly as possible how many people intend to take part in September – Linda send out an email



Christmas Events 2016.

We are unsure of the format for the Christmas market in Montesson.

We need to find out what's happening (one day or two?) since non-perishables would go on the coach in September. We use the coach as the main means of taking the goods to sell. We need at least £300 worth of stock to take to Montesson to at least double our monies to make the trip viable! If we take the usual items, jams and marmalade, these are very heavy. 

We will invite the Montessonnais to the Xmas market and light switch on in Thame as usual. 2nd December -to be confirmed




May Visit 2017 – where to go? London was very popular last year, so definitely a possibilty for next year. Presidential elections next year. Need to ask them to think about a date. We will propose 12th- 14th May

Owen – ask Institut français if they could put on a lunch for us.

Visit the British Museum?

David – look for hosts early



Lord Williams’s Students Visits – Hoping that something comes out of the introduction in May. Hope to strengthen the link

Bridget is Chairman of Lord Bills Alumni and told us about Lord Williams' John Hampden fund, in particular the Hayter travel award for students. The committee will discuss with Bridget at a future meeting.


Scouts, Guides & Sporting Visits 2017 –

These associations would be very keen if the French were to be more organised!!!



Owen: Has a friend in Paris with a 15 year old Granddaughterwho wants to come and stay with a family with teenage girl for 10 days / 2 weeks – Sue will email Belinda Bartley at LWS in the 1st instance to try to put her in touch with an English family.

Sue proposed that we thank Linda for being an excellent chairman.

Roy proposed thanks to James for sterling job he does looking after the money.



Meeting closed at 9.15